“Mollie Makes It” Photography TERMS


This photography contract is by and between Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato (hereinafter “Photographer”) and _______________________________________ (hereinafter “Client”).

Photographer shall be the exclusive copyright owner of digital files, reproductions, proofs and prints of images. Clients are granted rights to share and print for friends and family. The engagement of Photographer does not constitute work for hire as defined by the United States Copyright Act.

Client will credit “Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato” (and link to her website mbloudoff.com when possible) when sharing photos.

Any use of photos for non-personal use will require Photographer’s permission in writing.

If Photographer cannot perform the photography services as specified due to fire, death, act of God, illness or other cause beyond the control of Photographer, then Photographer shall refund all monies sans money spent for supplies and shall have no further liability. This liability limitation also applies in the event photographic materials are damaged or lost due to equipment malfunction.

Any props (such as sunflowers, citrus, etc.) may be substituted for other props if the original props are unavailable.

Client agrees to indemnify Photographer for any and all accidents or harm that may befall said Client during the photo shoot. Any legal action shall take place in Fairfax, VA with a mediator.



Client Signature