Learn with Me

We don’t stop learning once we leave university. Life is all about trying new things and connecting with different people. To put this mantra into practice, I learn a new skill(s) every month. Learn with me!


Jan: study psychology
Feb: try improv
March: cake decorating
April: unicycling
May: learn Adobe Illustrator/master the splits
June: rock climbing/taxidermy
July: body marbling
Aug: glass blowing/bull riding
Sept: plane flying/cheese making
Oct: lock picking/hair dying
Nov: scuba diving
Dec: flying trapeze

NYE Wrap-Up of the Year

  • Perfected my Monty Python silly walk.
  • Learned to ride a unicycle for 35 feet without eating the pavement!
  • Flew a plane AND conquered my fear of heights.
  • Made cheese out of belly button yeast.
  • Took a road trip to Intercourse, PA.
  • Checked off all 50 states—I’ve seen America!
  • Managed to do a flip AND a catch on the flying trapeze.
  • Ran up the exorcist steps—twice.
  • Ate fried duck heads. (They taste EXACTLY like fried duck heads.)
  • Went glass blowing and didn’t melt off any appendages.
  • Road a mechanical bull and took my first jello shot.
  • Learned how to pick locks. (NOTHING IS SAFE!)
  • Fell in love with scuba diving.
  • Taught myself the fine art of body marbling.
  • Went rock climbing and bouldering and have the calluses to prove it.
  • Hosted a food fight.
  • Taught myself how to draw with Adobe Illustrator!
  • Poynter dubbed me “Cake Wizard.”
  • Did the splits!
  • Laughed my way through an improv class.
  • Ate poutine in Montreal.
  • Conquered the bound lotus yoga position!
  • Visited the Menstruation Museum.
  • Dressed up as a zombie and went grocery shopping.
  • Cut a rug at square dancing night!
  • Took a tour of the West Wing and the White House all decked out in its Christmas finery.
  • Ate bull penis and turkey testicles.
  • Escaped an escape room in record-breaking time!
  • Went sledding on the Capitol Hill lawn.
  • Saw Darth Vader at the National Cathedral.
  • Served bugs at a dinner party.
  • Taught a social media class to Medill grad students.
  • Read 82 books.
  • Hosted a NYE party celebrating with customs from two dozen countries!


Jan: study Spanish
Feb: master the handstand
March: painting with water colors
April: aerial silks
May: outdoor rock climbing
June: sew a quilt/acroyoga
July: aerial lyra
Aug: learn how to take care of kittens
Sept: taught kittens circus tricks
Oct: learn how to build bots
Nov: painting with oils
Dec: learn embroidery

NYE Wrap-Up of the Year

  • Mastered a backbend.
  • Learned to flip in aerial lyra.
  • Punched a guy in muay thai.
  • Hosted a jello wrestling match.
  • Won a pie eating contest.
  • Swam (aka floated) in the Dead Sea.
  • Donated 25 units of blood/platelets to people in need (the maximum allowed per year!).
  • Won an argument in Spanish while traveling in Cuba.
  • Taught the Freelancing 101 class at a local community college.
  • Saw the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • Learned what cold really is in Oslo.
  • Took kittens on a plane ride!
  • Read 52 books.
  • Invented a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Course.
  • Ate sheep brain (tastes just like meatloaf!).
  • Lost my appendix.
  • Awarded the MJ Bear Fellowship.

Photo Credit: Casa Thomas Jefferson